SEIL bag

reddot design award winner 2010

reddot design award winner 2010

Usually, bicycle riders use pouch or backpack to carry wallet, mobile phone and water bottle. Bicycles riders’ backpack is a must-have item for outdoor activities. LED and flexible PCB applied Seil Bag is bicycle riders’ backpack for safe riding.

When a rider using hand-signal, the rider is riding bicycle with one hand. It can lead an accident. But this product provides safer and simpler control for bicycle riders. Seil Bag is designed to show left and right turn signal of a bicycle rider. Simply, controlling the detachable wireless controller enables various signals such as directional signals, emergency signal.

on demand controller

The Prototype simulation version of developed ON-DEMAND CONTROLLER idea that applied the patent 2007. Through beam projector on headset project interface of smartphone. User can control using projected interface.


MIDAS touch

It is a motion-based non-contact multipoint interaction technology to provide a realistic natural interaction by movement of free hand, fingers and full body among multi-user in 3D space. It can be used for applications that use human movement as input in 3D space.

  1. 3D hand held pointing device with realistic touch sense
  2. 3D motion-based multipoint interaction using vision tracking
  3. Unified tactile interface for touch sensing and haptic feedback
  4. Interactive UI using fusion of haptic, audio and video

OSCE Framework

An integrated u-service framework to support OSCD (One-Service-Cross-Domain) service environment aims to provide a framework which can accommodate various services in heterogeneous service domains through a standardized generic service execution environment without any modifications to original services.

  1. u-Service execution engine
    • u-Service Ensemble: dynamic interoperable technology
    • Dynamic construction execution engine
    • Management for u-Service execution
  2. Cross-domain fusion middleware
    • Real-time Synchronization Technology
    • Semantic/Protocol Translation
    • Dynamic session management
    • Situation Analysis (TBD)
  3. Proactive provisioning technique
    • u-Service Provisioning technology
    • Dynamic Configuration Management
    • Integrated resource Management

Digital Guardian Device for Visually handicapped people

Digital Guardian Device is an obstacle avoidance and guidance system to help visually handicapped people. It tells the owner the current location and gives the information on obstacles such as a wall and a staircase. These functions are implemented using various measurement units and cameras.

  1. ARM-based main controller board
  2. Ultra sound sensor module
  3. infrared sensor module
  4. IMU (inertial measurement unit)
  5. Galileo positioning module
  6. Marker detection camera
  7. haptic interface module

Smart Safety Wear

Smart Safety Wear is a safety wear that prevents from poisonous gas and anoxemia in dangerous workshop and it can transfer worker’s medical signal in emergency to emergency services center.

  1. A Wear for monitoring anoxemia and poisonous gas
    • Detecting poisonous gas (e.g. H2S, CO) and lack of oxygen (O2)
    • Deciding anoxemia and danger of poisonous gas and reporting them
    • Communication modules
    • Visual and auditory feedback
  2. Wrist-watch for monitoring medical signals
    • Monitoring electrocardiogram (ECG), pulsation, body temperature and falling down
    • Displaying their information in wrist-watch
    • Getting feedback (e.g. beep) in dangerous circumstance

Human Energy Harvesting Technology

Human energy harvesting is a technique to generate and store energy by utilizing the human body as the primary source. Mostly, the harvesting system accumulates energy from the human body, store the power and use the power.


Bluetooth walkie talkie Wear Technology

Long & short distance communicative Sportswear introduce multi-functional garment, operated via Bluetooth and a shortwave radio. Attached to the clothing, the bluetooth controller enables the user to make & receive a phonecall and to listen to music through mp3 in the user’s mobile phone. Also, the garment user set off the walkie-talkie within a short-distance.


Lighting Hat+Marble PC

A hat shaped futuristic emotional PC which perceives its environment and lights up.

A next generation PC in the form of a tray and a bowl containing small lighting balls.

Fabric Keyboard+UMPC Bag

Detailed informations are not provided yet.

On Demand Controller

The designed-device is to control various BLUETOOTH-connectable digital device with one controller.

First, record(input) menu of every digital device of mine to the BLUETOOTH. The infrared rays will project the recorded menu when controlling is necessary.

The main concept is to bring and reflect the accustomed interfaces of devices I have. This expands the range of interfaces for more easier interactions.