The ultimate cycling bag? Seil puts a roadsign on your back

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As cyclists know, making drivers aware of where you are and what you’re doing is key – and this new Kickstarter project aims to put a roadsign on your backpack.

The backpack is fullt programmable via an app, and is controlled by a remote on the handelbars. There’s a full sized version, and also a smaller ‘bumbag’ (or fanny pack, for our American friends)

The bag, which has been under development since 2010, is set to go on sale in March.

It uses a wireless controller mounted on the handlebar to trigger displays, which can be edited via an Android app.

‘The SEIL Bag is designed in order to illustrate traffic signals such as the cruise signal, stop signal and emergency signal directly on the backpack,’ said Lee Myungsu, who developed the design.

Pledge levels start at US$149 for a SEIL Pouch, though it’ll cost you at least $299 for a bag, controller and app bundle.

The display communicates with the controller using Bluetooth 2.0 technology, and the LED display is flexible and also waterproof – so should survive the British summer.

It follows in the footsteps of the See.Sense we reported on recently, which gives you a smart light.


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