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Leemyungsu Design Lab was established for developing innovative wearable product which combined with people oriented design and technology.
SEIL-bag is a wearable item collaborated with technology and fashion, which provides bike riders to display the direction, stop, and other emotional signals. The design philosophy of SEIL-bag is SEIL(Safe Enjoy Interactive Light) communication. Wearing SEIL-bag, we would like to provide safety based emotional joy and fun to our customer’s outdoor life.
SEIL is composed of 3 main parts – an LED display, a back pack (or other type of wearable items specially designed to be compatible with the LED display), and a controller.
The LED display is located in the outer pocket of backpack and the controller is equipped on the handle bar of the bicycle or on the wrist. The controller communicates with the display by Bluetooth.
While riding a bicycle (or skateboard, snowboard, …), the rider can stay safe and enjoy by showing direction signals, stop signal, night signal, and other emotional signals using the ergonomically designed controller. We also provide apps, which can express the rider’s own designed signals, to enhance the variation of the expression on the display board.
SEIL is patent registered in Korea, USA, Japan and patent pending in China and EU.
SEIL is awarded by Red Dot Design in 2010, IF Design Award in 2013, and German Design Award in 2014.

Award History


2015.12 / Design for Asia Award grand prize
2015.10 / KT and NOKIA IOT contest first prize
2015 / WENNOVATION Contest winner by the Samsung & Creative economy an innovation center / On Demand Controller
2014 / Nex-D Contest by the IITP / Walkie-Talkie Phone Case – Grand Prize
2014 / German design award NOMINEE / SEIL bag
2013 / iF design award winner / SEIL bag
2010 / reddot design award winner / SEIL bag
2007 / Next Generation Computing Idea Contest by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy / On Demand Controller – Grand Prize



seil bag전시 와이어드 세스 퓨처로텏타일

2015.02 ~ 2015.05 / SEIL bag – Museu del Disseny de barcelona (Museumof Design) / Design for Life Exhibition (Barcelona)
2011.02 ~ 2012.06 / SEIL bag – France LILLE3000 Group Futurotextiles 3 Exhibition / Barcelona ~ Poland
2011.01 / SEIL bag – Wired Magazine / The WIRED Lounge at CES 2011 (Las Vegas)
2010.11 / SEIL bag – Wired Magazine / New York WIRED Store
2010.09 / SEIL bag – Maison & Object Seoul Design Pavilion (Paris)

HWTrek Asia Innovation Tour


TAIWAN: April 8 – 9, 2014/ BEIJING: April 11 – 12, 2014





2010.01.01 / ~ ( the present ) / “SEIL-bag” development project

2007.03.01 ~ 2010.02.28 /
“Woven UFC(Ubiquitous Fashionable Computer) development project /
Fashion Design Lab in Seoul National University and ETRI’s research projects/ sponsored by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy of Korea.


2015.03 ~ 2015.06 / “Walkie-Talkie Phone case” / Selected for the Creative device lab development project
2012.06 ~ 2013.06 / “A portable led display apparatus using the smartphone application” / Selected for the Seed growth technology development project / Small & Medium Business Corporation
2010.05 ~ 2010.12 / “Seil backpack” / Selected for the Idea Commercialization Project / Small & Medium Business Corporation
2010.06 ~ 2010.12 / “Seil hipsack” / Selected for the Outstanding Design Product Support Project / Seoul Design Foundation
2010.06 ~ 2010.12 / “Seil X-band” / Selected forthe Artist Support Project for the Asia Cultural Creative Contents Project/ Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism

Lee Myung Su Design Lab

2F, #88, Yeonmujang-gil, Seongdong-gu, Seoul, 04785, Korea


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